It's official.

Walk 5 days in one week and qualify to win $1,000 to spend on self-care.
That's it.  That's the challenge.  That's the promise. 

WHO:  Morgan and Vanessa, two friends from college, challenged each other to engage in radical acts of self-care this summer.   As the co-founders of GirlTrek, they wanted to invite all 200,000 of their members to join them!

WHAT:  Summer of Self-Care (S.O.S.) is a challenge to Black women to walk to win $1,000 to spend on Self-Care. We'll repeat the contest every week this summer.  Tell your friends. Light bill due?  Need a vacation?  Get that prize!!  If you walk 5 days in one week and enter your victory into our mobile app, then you will be automatically entered to win.  We'll share the app, help you get started and tell you everything you need to know this Monday, July 8th.

What's the Prize?  $1,000 cold cash. ...awarded each week to somebody reading this. The only rule is that you have to complete the weekly walking assignment and spend the money on your own healing and happiness in 7 days or less (or the money goes back into the pot!)  We know that's radical. spend a thousand dollars in a week. It's NOT because we believe in recklessness or indulgence.  It's because we believe that investing in Black women's health is an emergency, an SOS.

WHEN:  The official challenge begins Monday, July 8th and ends Sunday, September 15th.  The first giveaway will happen July 15. 

WHERE:  From your front porch!  Walking in your neighborhood is how you win.  Tune in each Monday on GirlTrek's Facebook Live to see who wins the cash and to receive the next week's assignment.

WHY:   Check out the post: "What Self-Care Means for Black Women" Then know this, beyond the money, we deserve the adventure of a lifetime every summer.  Exciting walks  + tons of inspiration, on repeat.  Together, we will laugh, sweat, party and be brave.